For the success of any website, it is crucial for you to interact with your visitors. Standard web analytics tools are effective in showing how many clicks your website gets and produce nice reports.

How about if we could help you to take that few steps further and turn all your visitors into customers?

InQ.Social Beacons are invisible widgets that are designed to be placed on web pages and track specific activity then create a record about it and make it available for future re-use.

Behind the screen, the beacon is a single line of JavaScript code that integrates into any website. It does not interfere with the rest of the page, nor slow it down.

Two Types of Beacons

Time Beacon

Monitors visitors who spent a set amount of time on web page and makes a record of it.

It is great to build up a group of visitors who were reading an article, product description and look like they are potentially interested in your product or service.

Scroll Beacon

Makes a record when a visitor scrolls down a web page to a specific point.

For example, you can easily find visitors who finished to read an article and automatically offer relevant product or service.

Actionable Insights

Every piece of information collected with InQ.Social beacons will work for you. We store it as highly indexed meta data and make it easy for you to segment your customers into specific audiences, based on their interests.

Depending on your level of integration, you can use Interactive Widgets to deliver special deals to the right customers. Use InQ.Social API to dynamically change content on your website and create a truly personalized experience for every customer.

For logged in customers, you can pass a unique identifier such as email address, Facebook or your own id and build comprehensive customer profiles. Use that in internal marketing campaigns as well as export data for Facebook and email advertisement campaigns right from InQ.Social Mission Control Center.