EQuery surveys gather meaningful insights on customer behaviour and preferences by asking multiple-choice questions over email. A single question right in the mailbox guarantees a much higher response rate than multi-screen online surveys. Upgrade from brooding over low response rates to targeting engaged customers with offers tailored for them individually.

For example, you can ask your customers how frequently they use a particular product and then target only the occasional users with a follow-up offer to stimulate greater uptake, or the most active users with a loyalty program invite. When you really know your customer, the sky is the limit!

The EQuery intuitive online dashboard offers full flexibility of email formatting, imports recipient lists [from CSV], supports scheduled distribution and custom addressee fields. EQuery distributes your email surveys at jet speed using Amazon infrastructure services. Open and click-through rates are stored in a private cloud and available for analysis in real time.
There is no other fee to use the service, you pay for the number of emails you send:
0-2000: FREE
2001-100 000: 0.02$ per email
100 000+: 0.01$ per email
Special offers are available for regular and large EQuery campaigns.

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Actionable Insights

Every piece of information collected with InQ.Social Equery will work for you. We store it as highly indexed meta data and make it easy for you to segment your customers into specific audiences, based on their interests.

Depending on your level of integration, you can use Interactive Widgets to deliver special deals to the right customers. Use InQ.Social API to dynamically change content on your website and create a truly personalized experience for every customer.

For logged in customers, you can pass a unique identifier such as email address, Facebook or your own id and build comprehensive customer profiles. Use that in internal marketing campaigns as well as export data for Facebook and email advertisement campaigns right from InQ.Social Mission Control Center.