Interactive Widgets

The best way to get to know your customers is by asking a question. Provide them with simple options to reply and make it user-friendly. This is what InQ.Social Interactive widget is all about.

We provide a powerful marketing service that lets you engage with your customers on your website by forms of questions, offers and rating requests. We capture their feedback and turn it into Actionable Insights and make it re-usable in future marketing campaigns.

For example, you can push back an offer based on feedback provided by your customer. You can reach them later, using email or Facebook ad. InQ.Social API provides integration with existing CRM systems and enriches them with highly valuable customer insights.

Scroll down to learn more about the four types of Interactive Widgets we offer.


InQ.Social TopBar is a widget that appears on the top of your web page. This is the first thing you visitor sees but at the same time it doesn't distract the attention from the main content.

Your question, deal or rating request is displayed in a single line with several clickable options to provide instant feedback.

It is the most effective interactive widget that delivers on average 5% CTR.


PageBlock widget is designed to capture visitor's attention inside a web page. Fully customizable as all of our widgets, it looks like a box with a question on the top and several clickable options to provide a feedback.

After the click on one of the options it can disappear, or if you wish, deliver a message or special deal.


Inline widget is a simple text widget that can be embedded into any text. It capture readers' attention and provides an opportunity to provide instant feedback or get a deal related to the content of the article.

All you need to is insert a span tag with an id into your text and on every page load, InQ.Social will insert the widget's text into the span tag.


PageLine is a combination of the TopBar and Inline widgets. It is designed to be placed inside of your web page and ask visitors a simple question and provide several clickable options to reply.

It is great to be placed at the end of an article, product description. It makes it natural to respond after reading a text.

Actionable Insights

Every piece of information collected with InQ.Social Interactive Widgets will work for you. We store it as highly indexed meta data and make it easy for you to segment your customers into specific audiences, based on their interests.

Depending on your level of integration, you can use Interactive Widgets to deliver special deals to the right customers. Use InQ.Social API to dynamically change content on your website and create a truly personalized experience for every customer.

For logged in customers, you can pass a unique identifier such as email address, Facebook or your own id and build comprehensive customer profiles. Use that in internal marketing campaigns as well as export data for Facebook and email advertisement campaigns right from InQ.Social Mission Control Center.