Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools. It allows you to establish direct contact with your customers, deliver tailored offers and keep them coming back.

MailMaster is unique because it is integrated into InQ.Social ecosystem. Any data collected using Interactive Widgets, Action Links, Beacons and EQuery can be used to build up precisely targeted marketing campaigns and highly engaging emails.

MailMaster comes with a beautiful email template editor and option to import your existing ones.

Email campaigns can be scheduled to be sent on specific date and time, as well as triggered via our API.

While you can use InQ.Social services to get more customers and learn about them, it is incredibly easy to import your existing mail lists and start to use MailMaster right away.

To help you to get started, we offer 2000 emails per month absolutely FREE.

There is no other fee to use the service, you pay for the number of emails you send:
0-2000: FREE
2001-100 000: 0.01$ per email
100 000+: 0.005$ per email
Special offers are available for regular email campaigns.