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Introducing online marketing tools to help you engage your visitors and turn the collected data into actionable insights. Manage your customers and create highly targeted marketing campaigns, within the platform or outside.

The customers you want to reach are already here

With InQ.Social widgets and services you interact with your website visitors in the moment, in a personal way. Ask questions and capture their feedback. Track specific behavior and store it as actionable insights. Create a custom experience for different groups of visitors, based on their interests.

Engage With Real People

InQ.Social Interactive Widgets deliver questions, offers and rating requests. Beacons track specific activity like time spent on the page or if the visitor scrolled the page to read more about the product. Action Links are your very own 'Like' button that work for you.

All these services capture Actionable Insights, in your very own data cloud.

Data Driven Business

InQ.Social platform collects vast amounts of data throughout your site and sends it to your very own, secure data cloud. You can then use our intuitive online tools to extract high-quality insights for your online marketing campaigns and push back special deals.

For example, our Meta Browser lets you easily identify customers who replied to a question or performed a specific action, and operate with these groups as distinct audiences in future marketing campaigns and reports.

The Platform and Beyond

InQ.Social widgets and services take your customer retention strategies to the next level. Understand your audience better by monitoring site activity, running market analyses and customer surveys. You can then automate instant deals delivery based on customers’ responses within our interactive widgets or email using our InQ Mailer service.

With data flowing in real time you can create a truly personalized experience for your customers and build customer loyalty at a scale never achievable before. Our Professional and Enterprise subscription plans offer access to the InQ.Social API that can be connected to your existing CMS, Salesforce CRM, and other external applications and services.

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